About College

"God is great and worthy to be praised in all His deeds". Hence
"I will proclaim your greatness my God and king.
I will thank you for ever and ever."

It has been the will of the Lord Almighty to start an Educational Society in the    name of  “BHUSHAN  EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY   OF TADEPALLIGUDEM”(BEST).  The management first thought of  establishing a school, and then a B.Ed college but God has paved the way to start the B.Ed college in the name “BEST COLLEGE OF EDUCATION” when the Government came forward permitting to start more B.Ed.,   colleges in the state under private management to cater the needs of the population and to achieve total literacy.

The management has acquired site to construct college building on the Koderu – Nallajerla road (K.N.Road) near Tadepalli Village, and the Visual Architects, Guntur has designed the structure of the present 4 storied building for our BEST College of Education, and eventually the NH5 four lane By Pass road has been formed just behind our college campus. The construction was done as per the norms of the NCTE and the management could provide all the infrastructure that was needed for a B.Ed. college, and the BEST College of Education is not behind any B.Ed college in the state.

The Bhushan Educational Society of Tadepalligudem was established with the prime motto to cater the educational needs of the society and the BEST College of Education is the first institution of its proposed projects.

As by the name “BEST”.  The management desires to run the institution as prestigious one with best faculty and with best standards and of course with its best infrastructure facilities, which no B.Ed College in the state possesses.

The management desires to inculcate in the student teachers the knowledge and appreciation of those values which can make them the best teacher community who can shoulder the cause of moulding the future citizens.  The BEST College of Education desires to assist its students to imbibe the ideas of freedom, equality and fraternity and to respect the dignity of man and the sacredness of personality.
The BEST College of Education believes that the training given to the students should help them develop a sense of responsibility and to make them realize that the true wealth of a nation consists in its children. The student teachers  who receive the requisite training through this institution should bear the torch of lighting the knowledge in the young minds and bring forth the best future citizens of the nation

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