Mission and Vision

        The mission of the Best College of Education is to offer exemplary professional programmes to prepare educators to effective decision makers who facilitate student learning. In fulfilling this mission, the Best College of Education encourages them to become self-directed Life-long learners; provides comprehensive policy making and professional development at  regional, national, and international levels.

         The BEST College of Education is committed to preparing Student teachers with the skills, knowledge, and competence for making informed and responsible decision in a variety of contexts through academic programmes grounded in epistemologically sound understandings of the relationship between theory and practice. To act intelligently teacher students must reflect upon the purpose of their enterprises, understand relevant finding and be able to justify the bases of their methods. The Best College of Education takes seriously the goal of assisting student teachers to  develop and assess their beliefs and practices through critical study and reflection, evaluate the implications of choices and actions on other, and select from a wide range of philosophical traditions, theoretical constructs, strategies, and experiences.

         The BEST College of Education is committed to honouring diversity,     respecting difference, and promoting social justice. Many problems and issues confronting professionals lie beyond the classroom. An understanding of the larger social, political, cultural, and economic influences and reflecting upon this complexity is necessary.

         Preparation programmes include effective and efficient application of computer technology for teaching, learning, and professional work. Choices about instruction and evaluation activities and methods are directly influenced by the theory of learning that serves as the basis of reflection and decision-making. Teacher students must be knowledgeable about the intellectual, physical, emotional and moral development of students and others whom they serve and multiple conceptions of human learning must be understood. Likewise, educators must be knowledgeable about relevant social, cultural, historical, political, and economic issues that impact schooling and society.

           Our College comprised of outstanding faculty, staff and students. Our core functions have been teaching, research, and service. The key to our future success is how effectively we carry out these functions with limited  resources.

          The College aspires to a curriculum based upon themes, problems and real-world practice. Experimental problem solving teaches students to think, to reason, to use information in context and to become better decision makers.

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