Secretary & Chairperson Message

             A  warm and hearty welcome into our BEST Campus.

            Our Educational Society has been started to foster the academic needs of our locality.

             To influence attitudes, ethical and moral value of students.


             To instill in them respect for human values and Love for Humanity.

             Our Faculty here are to trim the dead wood and train tender twigs (students) the way they should grow.

             Tactful in pointing out mistakes inspiring to achieve full potential.

             Relentless in bringing out the pure shining gold trapped inside all the students.

             The future Teachers should be completely formed and shaped personalities embossed with

            T          -           Thoughtful

            E          -           Etiquette

            A         -            Appreciative

            C         -            Charismatic

            H         -            Honorable

            E          -           Endurance

            R          -           Restless in quest of knowledge.

              Behind every good student there is always a ‘BEST’ TEACHER.

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